2 Options For Installing Interior Shutters In A Non-Square Window

Posted on: 5 August 2016

If you want to install shutters inside of your home, and your windows are non-square, you can still get the look you want to achieve by using the racking method for installation.

Measuring Your Windows

Just because your windows look even does not mean that they are actually square. The first thing you need to do is measure each window where you want to install shutters and make sure that they are square. To do this, you will need a tape measure.

Take your tape measure and measure from one corner to the opposite corner, then switch and measure the other corner and opposing corner, essentially measuring across the window in an "X" shape. If your window is square, these measurements should be the same or within about an inch of one another. For example, if it is 25 inches across from the upper left to lower right corner of your window, the measurement from the upper right to the lower left corner of the window should be right around 25 inches as well. If it isn't, your window is not square and you are going to need to use an alternative method for installing interior shutters inside of your home.

Option #1: Mount Outside The Frame

Typically, when you install interior shutters, the shutters are installed inside of your window frame. When your windows are not square, this method does not work as well because you will be able to see gaps around the window frame.

If you want to hide the gaps around your window frame, install and mount the shutters outside of your window frame. This allows the shutters to sit over the window and allows you to make your window look square. The only downside to this method is that your window's decorative molding will be covered up.

Option #2: Level Your Shutters

If you want to install your shutters inside of your window's frame, you can still do it, even with windows that are not square; however, you are going to need to level your shutters as you install them. You are going to want to order your shutters to be just a slightly bit smaller than your window frame; not much, just about an eighth of an inch smaller or so.

As you install the shutter inside of your window frame, you are going to need to use wood shims to level your shutters as you install them; this will allow you to still seem your molding and set your window shutters inside of your frames. 

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