3 Reasons To Consider Electrochromic Windows

Posted on: 15 August 2016

One of the most interesting and versatile window replacement options at your disposal are electrochromic windows, mostly because of the many benefits that they can provide. This type of window differs from the competition in that it can utilize an electric current to become darker or lighter through the use of a slider or dimmer switch. Listed below are three reasons to consider electrochromic windows.

Save Electricity

One of the biggest benefits provided by electrochromic windows is that they can actually save you quite a bit of money on your electric bill during the summer. The reason for this is that electrochromic windows are very good at blocking out sunlight, and can block out up to 98% of light. Since most of the sunlight striking your windows will be denied entry to your home, the interior of your home will not get as hot, which will result in you being able to give your air conditioner a break by using it less often or leaving it on for shorter periods of time.

Block Light Effectively

Another reason to consider an electrochromic window is that it is one of the most effective ways to block light from entering your rooms. When you utilize blinds or curtains, even blackout curtains, there is a very good chance that light can still leak around the edges of those window coverings or bleed through the materials.

This can be very frustrating for individuals that need to sleep during the day because they are night owls or have to work the graveyard shift. This can also cause an issue if you have a home theater room or home office as any light getting into the room can lead to distracting glare on your television, monitor, or projector screen. However, since the electrochromic windows will darken along the entire surface of the glass, the light cannot get around the edges and into the room.

Increase Privacy

Finally, electrochromic windows are ideal for making your home as private as possible. The reason for this is that if you choose to set your windows to the darkest setting, then your glass will be completely opaque. This means that it will be next to impossible for anyone to peep into your home or to scout out your home as a possible target for a home invasion. 

Contact a window contractor today in order to discuss how  electrochromic windows may be able to benefit you. These windows are a great option that can help you save electricity, block light more effectively, and increase your home's privacy, so keep them in mind for your next window replacement project.


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