Looking To Bring The Outdoors Inside? Replace Your Backyard Door With Folding Doors

Posted on: 16 August 2016

Enjoying the outdoors at home typically involves going out in the backyard and relaxing. This could include sitting on a bench, relaxing in a hammock, or lounging on an outdoor couch under a covered patio. But, this is not the only way that you can experience the outdoors when you are spending time at home. A clever alternative is bringing the outdoors inside by installing folding doors that span across an entire wall.

With folding doors costing between $700 and $1000 per linear square foot on average, they could be a good fit for your home once you consider all of the benefits they provide.

Expand the Living Room to the Backyard

Most people think of doors as a way to exit one area and enter another. While you could leave the door open and create a seamless transition, this can prevent your home feeling as open as you want since a single door usually does not spare much room at all. It may still feel like a complete separation because the gap may be just a few feet wide. But, you can install several sets of folding doors to greatly widen the space that you can open up the inside of your home.

Increase the Natural Lighting

These doors do not have to be windowed. But, when you get ones that are, you can make it feel like you are outside at all times. Also, the amount of natural light that you can bring into your home is immense. Whether it opens up to your dining room, living room, or master bedroom, you should no longer have to rely on any kind of artificial lighting to get enough illumination until it gets dark.

Avoid Taking Up Space

One might think that adding these folding doors to such a huge area would take up a lot of space. But, the great thing about them is that they can keep folding until they are barely noticeable at all. They should only require a small amount of space on the walls where their base is installed. It becomes possible to change the arrangement of furniture inside and outside to make it feel like everything is a single room.

Folding doors may not have been your first thought when your desire rose to bring the outside to the inside. But, it is hard to pass up such an ingenious addition with the many benefits that it encompasses. Contact window and door contractors about patio door options.


Choosing Great Looking Windows

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