Tips for Creating a Tuscan-Style Patio

Posted on: 26 August 2016

Tuscan style has long been revered, and with good reason. From the Medici gardens to the small house in Under the Tuscan Sun, Tuscan landscaping and hardscaping evokes images of colorful beauty. Whether you're making over your patio or starting from scratch, add elements of Tuscan style.

Start with a Tile Foundation

One of the hallmarks of Tuscan design is tile work, especially travertine. These tiles are made from natural stone comprised of lime deposits, resulting in a creamy and white finish. An alternative to actual tile is concrete. Contractors can stamp and stain concrete slabs to resemble travertine tile. Likewise, any natural stone pavers cut and laid in a tile pattern will serve as the foundation of your Tuscan-style patio.

Include Stonework

Tuscan homes are typically constructed of stone. Even if yours isn't, find a way to incorporate stone into your patio. For example, Better Homes and Gardens suggests carving out a cozy corner in any patio. You could have a small planter with a stone façade installed near the place to create a sense of privacy. Add traditional plants into the installation. Another option is to have a stone fireplace incorporated into your outdoor kitchen.

Add a Container Garden

Speaking of planters, gardening is an essential element in Tuscan landscaping. Bring the garden onto your patio with a series of planters. Besides the built-in stone planter, you could select travertine pots. Brightly painted Tuscan pottery, in its characteristic blue, yellow, and olive, is another attractive option. Traditional plants include lavender and Italian herbs. Fig, dwarf lemons, and olive trees also do surprisingly well in large containers. Use one of these as the centerpiece, and arrange the smaller planters around it.

Install Wood-Paned Doors and Windows  

Tuscan style is at heart an Old World design. As such, natural materials such as wood play an important part. Look for windows and doors with wood panes. For the patio doors, either French doors or ones with multiple panes of glass look appropriate. Windows should also be multi-paned. In both, look for darker stains, as these are traditional. If wood isn't a viable option, consider a composite manufactured to resemble wood.

Incorporate Ironwork

Along those same lines, ironwork is also common in Tuscan design. At the very least consider replacing all your patio fixtures with ironwork ones. Look for wrought-iron styles with scrollwork or other ornate elements. You could even incorporate more wrought iron with a screen door made out of the material. Additionally, look for window grills and accent pieces made out of ornate ironwork.

Your Tuscan-inspired patio can serve as a little slice of Italy every time you step outside.


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