Replacing Your Windows? Consider Going With Casement Windows Over Hung Windows

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Many homes these days have hung windows because they look attractive and are easy to open and close. But if the time has come to have your windows replaced, you may want to consider going with casement windows instead. These are the style of windows that are hung on a side hinge and open when you turn a crank. Here's a look at some of the benefits of this style of window, as well as the shortcomings you'll need to keep in mind.

Benefits of Casement Windows

They seal very tightly.

Hung windows tend to get loose in their frames, especially as they age. This can allow air to seep in, raising your heating and cooling bills. Casement windows latch tightly into the frame, so less air leaks through -- and they stay nice and tight even when they get older. Over time, this could save you a bundle on energy costs.

They may be safer if you have kids.

A hung window can easily allow a child to fall out if it's open too far. Even a screen may not stop a child from falling, since the mesh may pop off if someone leans against it. Casement windows can be cranked open just a little so that the gap is too small for someone to fit through.

They catch side breezes.

The window acts as a sort of funnel when it's open to the side, catching the side breeze and directing it into your home. This can be especially helpful if you don't have air conditioning and are trying to keep your home cool on a hot day.

Drawbacks of Casement Windows

They might be hard to open.

This is not a problem for everyone. If you're young with agile hands, you probably won't have any trouble at all. But if you have some arthritis in your hands, you may have a hard time turning the crank to open and close the window.

They have a distinct, old-fashioned look.

Casement windows, in spite of their benefits, are not the most popular choice in terms of aesthetics. They may look a bit out of place on a modern home, and they're not common on Craftsman-style homes or Victorian homes either. If staying true to a certain architectural style is one of your goals, this may not be the right style of window for you.

Talk to your window installation provider to learn more about casement windows.


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