Wooden Plantation Shutter Care And Maintenance

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Wood plantation shutters can provide the perfect permanent window covering. Not only do you get the benefit of blinds by being able to combine how much light comes into the room, you can also open them completely like shutters. Plus, there are never any cords to deal with since they use a simple rod-style louver design. Since plantation shutters are an investment, it's important that you take care of them correctly. The following guide can help.

Dust weekly

Dust isn't just unattractive on the shutters, it can cause actual damage if you allow it to build up. This is because it can work its way into joints and hinges, which causes the shutters not to open as smoothly. Grit in the dust can also damage the finish of the wood. Use a microfiber duster and dust both the inside and the outside of the slats.

Wipe and polish monthly

Monthly deep cleaning and polishing is usually sufficient unless you live in a very dry climate. Put a small amount of a wood furniture cleaner on a white rag and wipe down the shutters, tilt rods, and slats. Pay special attention to the hinges to make sure there is no dust or dirt buildup. Once everything is clean, apply a small amount of wood polish to a clean cloth and work it into the wood. Make sure you wipe off any polish that gets on the hinges, though, as it can gunk them up. In dry or desert climates you may need to polish more often so the wood doesn't crack.

Oil and adjust as needed

The hinges may sometimes become stiff or even squeaky. You can easily fix this with a drop of a household lubricant. Place the drop at the top of the hinge just under the head of the hinge pin, then open and close the shutters several times so the lubricant works its way in.

The louver tilt rods may also sometimes need adjustment. If your louvers are too loose or too tight, simply use a screwdriver to adjust the screw at the upper side of the shutter panel. This will adjust the tension of the shutter panel so that the tilt rod works as smoothly as it should. Take care not to over-tighten, though, as this could strip the screw.

For more help, talk to a plantation shutter expert or installer in your area, such as AAA Blind & Shutter Factory. They can help you troubleshoot any issues or provide specific care instructions for your style of shutters.



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