Five Good Reasons To Use Commercial Window Film

Posted on: 27 September 2016

Commercial window film adheres to the glass in your windows and helps to keep out the UV rays and direct sunlight. Many companies use this product to help reduce their energy usage. However, saving money on the electric and gas bill is just one of many benefits to investing in commercial window film. Here are some more advantages to investing in window film:

1. Privacy. One of the key benefits to using commercial window film on your business windows is that this product offers a high degree of privacy while still letting in enough light to make your business spaces seem cheerful and airy. Customers will feel more comfortable doing business with you when their transaction can't be viewed by everyone passing on the street, whether you are a bank, a travel agency, or a retail store.

2. Energy savings. Another major benefit of commercial window film is the money this product can save you on your monthly utility bills. Because window film causes the heat to stay inside in the winter and keeps the sun's rays out during the hot summer months, it can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bills. Depending on the type of window film that you choose, you can increase the insulating value by up to 92 percent.

3. Less fading. By keeping out the bulk of the sun's rays, your upholstery, window treatments and carpet will resist fading, stay newer looking longer, and not have to be replaced as frequently when you use window film.

4. Uniform appearance. Window film can be used in place of window treatments for privacy and to keep the sun's rays out of employees' and visitors' eyes. Unlike drapes and blinds (where some offices may have their blinds open and others have them drawn), window film creates a uniform look and makes your building look more attractive from the exterior.

5. Safety. Another benefit of window film that you may not have considered is that it can help protect you and your employees should something happen, like a severe storm or something being thrown at the window, to break the window glass. Window film will help keep the glass from shattering and sending dangerous shards into the work space.

While commercial window film may not be the right answer for every business, this product can help offer privacy for your customers, keep your customer and employees safe and even save you money on your monthly utility bills. It's certainly worth considering, so talk with window professionals, such as those at Southern Sun Control, for more information. 


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