Residential Window Tints: How Well Do They Work?

Posted on: 5 June 2018

Window tints can work in many ways. While many people picture the old, peeling away tinting that is so common in car windows, the tints used on residential windows are very different. Not only are they less likely to peel and look so ugly, but they are also very effective when it comes to curbing solar absorption through glass.

Even a cheap window film that you self-apply can increase the efficiency of any window in your home. But, not all window films are one in the same. In fact, not even every window film has a tint to is. This article explains what you should look for if you are going to add window films or tints to your glass.

Tints and Films

As mentioned, some window films used on residential glass have no tint at all. Why would you want a clear film? First, a clear film can protect the glass and prevent scratching. More importantly, a clear film can still add to the insulation of the fixture. Even though it will not block as much light as a tinted product (it will block a little), it will make the window thicker, thereby adding insulation to it.

A clear film is perfect for the side of the building or any sections of glass that aren't directly hit by the sun. Windows that are already in the shade don't need to be darkened with a tinted film. A tinted film, when installed where it is not needed, can darken a room too much.

So clear films are ideal for cold regions because they slow down heat loss and add insulation to the glass.

Adding Tints

Tinted films are still more popular though. Of course, the level of tint needs to be carefully selected, or else your interior could be unnecessarily dark. Tints reduce glare from sun rays, add privacy to the space, and keep the window cooler to the touch. Interior tints are preferable in most climates. Tints on the outside of the glass are more likely to get damaged by the weather. It is also harder to clean an exterior window that has a tint on it.

Window tinting can save you a lot of money. Large buildings have huge HVAC bills, so being able to contain and curb the effect of the sun on the inside of your building is a cheap and simple way to save money.


Choosing Great Looking Windows

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