Thinking About Replacing Your Old Windows? 2 Reasons To Do It Now

Posted on: 25 September 2018

Your home's windows may look like they are in good shape, but they are actually in need of replacement. This will be more likely when your home is older, and still has original windows or when you have not had your windows replaced within their expected lifespan. You may not be aware that your windows play a crucial role in aspects like energy efficiency, and it is important to replace them once they are past their lifespan. Here are two reasons you will want to replace those windows now.

1. Energy-Efficient Improvements

Many homeowners decide to upgrade their windows because they are looking to improve their home's energy efficiency. Windows that are breaking down due to old age are going to contribute to your home feeling uncomfortable, which happens from outside air seeping inside and causing your HVAC system to work harder than it has to. You may be better off getting new windows that are optimized for energy efficiency if that is your main concern.

Factors that play into energy efficiency are the panes of glass that the windows have, with two panes being ideal and three being optimal. Multiple panes of glass also have a special gas between the panes which helps insulate the window. It creates a better barrier between your home's interior and the weather outside, which makes a big difference in energy efficiency.

2. Easier Maintenance

If you have old windows, you may dread doing maintenance to them because of how hard they are to deal with. Even cleaning a single hung window can be a big problem when you need to get a ladder out and do it from outside your home. Double-hung windows allow you to tilt the sashes into your home, which make it much easier to clean the windows over the years.

The material itself can also lead to needing to perform less maintenance. For example, if you have wood windows, you may be accustomed to having to sand and stain the windows over the years. If you're tired of doing this, consider upgrading to vinyl windows. Vinyl doesn't require any maintenance other than cleaning the material when it gets dirty.

These are just a couple reasons you should upgrade your windows. Still not convinced? Reach out to a local window company like Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin for more information. They'll come to your home, take measurements of your existing windows, and give you a price quote for how much new windows will cost to install.


Choosing Great Looking Windows

After I fixed up my yard, I realized that my home itself could use some curb appeal. I decided that one of the biggest eyesores on my home other than the porch with the flaking paint was the windows, so I started shopping for replacements. I was able to find a great deal at a local window shop, and to my surprise, they had a large variety of windows available. It was incredible to find windows that were as functional as they were beautiful, and when they were installed I was really pleased with the outcome. This blog is all about choosing great looking windows.