Casement Window Myths And Misconceptions

Posted on: 6 November 2018

As a homeowner is evaluating the options for new windows, there can be an almost overwhelming number of options that will need to be considered. Misinformation about these options can prove to be extremely detrimental to homeowners making this upgrade.

Myth: Casement Windows Do Not Provide Noticeable Benefits 

Casement windows can be a popular option. However, homeowners can be unsure as to whether they want to invest in having this style of window installed. One of the most noticeable ways that casement windows can benefit your home is through improving the interior ventilation. These windows are able to swing open, which can greatly improve the amount of air circulating in the home. For homeowners in areas with mild weather, this can decrease the need to rely on an air conditioning system as these windows can help to rapidly cool a home by letting the warm interior air vent out of the structure.

Myth: There Are Security Risks With Casement Windows

While casement window's ability to swing open can be one of the main benefits of opting for this type of window, it can lead to some homeowners assuming that these windows will not be particularly safe. Yet, casements windows are fully capable of being locked from the interior. Furthermore, shatter-resistant security glass can also be used in these windows, which can further improve their security.

Myth: It Is Easy To Install Your Own Casement Windows

Homeowners often assume that casement windows are much easier to install than traditional windows. However, it should be noted that these windows can still be somewhat difficult to install if you do not have much experience with this task. When casement windows are installed incorrectly, it can contribute to a host of problems. For example, if these windows are not correctly aligned, they may open unevenly.

Additionally, it is possible for small gaps to be made between the frame and the house. These gaps can allow considerable amounts of water into the space between the walls. Hiring professionals with experience installing casement windows can reduce the threat of these problems impacting your new windows.

Casement windows can be an extremely popular type of window. However, if your home does not currently have this type of window, there is some misinformation that needs to be dispelled before you can effectively make this type of upgrade. Homeowners that understand that casement windows can be secured, the need for professional installation and the various benefits of this type of window can make more effective decisions for their homes.


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