Why You May Want Motorized Blinds For Your Home

Posted on: 26 September 2019

If you'll have new blinds installed in your home soon, consider getting motorized blinds from a company like Sylvan's & Phillip's. These offer several benefits and make your life more convenient. These blinds come in different colors and styles so you can still have attractive window coverings while enjoying the following benefits.

Natural Light

Motorized blinds can be put on a timer to close and open automatically. This ensures all your blinds are closed when it gets dark, and it also means your blinds will open at daylight if that's what you want them to do. One advantage of this feature is you can awaken naturally in the mornings. The blinds keep your room dark by shielding against street lights at night and then open to allow in natural light to gently awaken you in the morning, rather than waking up to an alarm blaring in a dark room.

Kid Safety

The cords on traditional blinds are dangerous to kids and pets. Small kids and pets can get tangled in the cords when playing with the blinds and that can lead to a disaster. The motorized blinds don't have cords, so the risk to small children, dogs, and cats is eliminated. The blinds operate by remote control, so they're also easier for older kids to open and close. Your kids won't have to yank and twist on cords to get the blinds to move and that makes them safer to operate.

Smart Home Integration

You might want simple motorized blinds that you can operate with a remote to quickly lower or open your blinds each day. However, you can choose to integrate motorized blinds with your smart home too. This allows your blinds to work independently. For example, the blinds can lower automatically when they sense solar heating and open when it's cloudy outside and natural lighting is preferred. Motorized blinds can be alerted to your home arrival with geo-fencing and open as you approach the house so you walk into a home streaming with natural light rather than a dark and spooky house.

Remote Control Ability

You can operate motorized blinds with your smartphone. This allows you to open and close blinds randomly throughout the day. While you can program the blinds to open at set times, being able to close them remotely has its benefits. You can make it look like someone is in the house if you notice a strange car at your curb. You can operate the blinds from work or while you're away on vacation so your home always looks occupied, and you can be certain the blinds are closed at night or during the sunny parts of the day.


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