How To Choose Window Shades For Your House

Posted on: 13 November 2019

Windows are an essential part of any house. They can let sunlight and cool breezes into your home. However, sometimes your windows can be a nuisance. Glare from the sun can make it difficult to work on your laptop or watch your favorite movies. Window shades allow you to customize the amount of natural light and privacy you have in your home at any given time. They're easy to operate, and you can find window shades to suit almost any budget. Here are three things you'll need to consider when selecting window shades for your home:

1. Choose a material.

Window shades can be made from various materials. If you want your window shades to be hidden when not in use, fabric shades are an excellent choice. Fabric is a lightweight, compact material that can be rolled up and out of sight. Fabric shades often let a limited amount of light in, even when they're lowered, which makes them a good choice if your primary concern is privacy and not light reduction. Wooden and plastic blinds can block out more light. They can come in a variety of different colors and finishes to complement your natural decor.

2. Select a color.

If your house receives a lot of direct sunlight during certain times of the day, you may want to factor that ambient heat into your purchasing decisions. Light colors like white and beige are more effective at keeping heat out of your home. These colors reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it, which can keep your home cooler. If your house does not receive a lot of sunlight or if your walls are painted darker colors, you may want dark window shades to match. Black and brown are neutral colors that can suit many different color palettes.

3. Decide if you can benefit from a cordless model.

Traditionally, window shades are raised and lowered using a cord. However, this cord can become tangled, and it can be a choking hazard for pets and small children. Cordless window shades are a great solution for anyone who's concerned about the safety of the most vulnerable members of their family. Instead of pulling on a cord to raise and lower the shade, you control the position of the shade by pulling gently on the bottom of the material. Cordless window shades are also a great option for people who love minimalism, since they offer a more sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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