Words To Know As You Shop For Replacement Doors

Posted on: 6 May 2021

If one or more doors on your home are worn and failing, then you'll want to start shopping around for replacement doors. As you do, however, you will likely notice that there are a lot of words that you don't quite understand. The terminology around replacement doors can be a little niche and confusing for those who have never shopped for doors before. But rest assured — once you learn the meaning of these words, you'll be able to understand those product descriptions more easily.

French Door

When you see what looks like a normal door, and it is labeled or described as a French door, you may find yourself wondering why that is the case. A French door is just another word for a hinged door, as opposed to a sliding door. Most entry doors are French doors. If you're choosing patio doors, and you don't want sliding doors, French doors are a good option

Storm Door

A storm door is a lighter-weight door that is placed to the inside of your main door. It basically provides extra insulation and a better barrier between the outdoors and the interior of your home. Some replacement doors come with storm doors included, but you may have to buy this door separately.

Door Slab

This is just a term for the actual door. If you buy just a door slab, you will not be getting a door frame.

Door Unit

If you see a door advertised as a door unit, then this means it comes with both the door and the door frame, all sold together.


No, the product description is not referring to railings, the things you hold onto when climbing stairs. In the replacement door world, the term "rails" refers to the horizontal panels on the top and bottom of the door.


These are just the vertical parts of the door panel. The rails go horizontally, and the stiles go vertically.


The sweep is just the piece at the bottom of the door that is meant to sweep across the floor. It ensures there is no space between the bottom of the door and the floor. It's usually made from rubberized material.

Now, when you're shopping for replacement doors, you should have an easier time understanding the listings. Most of the more unfamiliar terminology used in these descriptions is included above. Contact a replacement door supplier for more information. 


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