5 Steps For Window Replacement

Posted on: 2 July 2021

You may be curious about the process of installing new windows, especially if you are considering replacing yours. The following are the simple steps used to put in new replacement windows. 

1. Window Removal

The first step for any replacement is removal, but the method varies depending on the type of replacement window. Pocket windows slide into the existing frame, so the installers will simply remove the screens, any storm windows, and then pull out the old window pane assemblies while leaving the main frame and trim in place. Full replacements include a frame and trim, so all of the window framing and trim work must be removed prior to installation.

2. Area Preparation

Some prep work is usually necessary. It may be as simple as cleaning out the remaining frame of any caulk and grime, or it may be more detailed such as pulling out old insulation or cleaning up areas of damage. An example of damage is cracked or rotten wood in a frame, which may mean that some parts of the frame will require replacement even if you are installing pocket windows.

3. Insulation

If you are having full replacement windows installed, then insulation is put into the walls around the frame opening before window installation. For pocket windows, there is no need to insulate around the frames since they are not removed and the old insulation isn't disturbed. Further insulation may be added after installation for both types of windows, typically a spray foam type that is designed to fill in any remaining air gaps.

4. Installation

Installation is relatively straight forward. The full replacement or pocket window is fit into the opening and secured in place. Full replacement windows, in particular, must be shimmed and leveled to ensure they open and close properly. Pocket windows must also be leveled, but this is usually a quick and easy process since they are simply fit into existing frames that are likely already level.

5. Trim Work

The final step is to finish out any trim work. If you are having full replacements, then this means installing the trim around the frame as well as putting in the interior and exterior seals. Any final insulating is also completed, and then everything is painted as necessary. For pocket windows, trim work may be nothing more than cleaning up the construction dust and possibly touching up some paint. 

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Choosing Great Looking Windows

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