Solar-Powered Skylight Models

Posted on: 17 December 2021

A solar-powered skylight that contains a rain sensor and an integrated shade system will allow you to control the level of natural light that enters your home. Check out some sales packages and unique features that a skylight dealer may offer to residential and commercial property owners.

Sale Packages

Skylight sale packages may include an inspection and measurement session, the skylight materials, and the installation process. Some companies may not provide inspections and installations. They may focus solely on selling skylights. Purchasing a product through a company that does not conduct installations will necessitate the hiring of an independent skylight installer.

Skylights will contain a piece of tempered glass and a frame. Each skylight model will come with a weight and safety rating. Glass panes can be tinted or non-tinted. A series of remote features and a sensor system are included with many elite skylight products. 

An Adjustable Skylight And Tint

You may prefer to increase the ventilation in your home while also enjoying extra lighting. If so, a skylight that can be opened and closed may be of interest to you. If you want to increase the lighting in your home, but don't want to deal with bright lighting or increased heat, check out a line of tinted products. The same type of tinting applications that are used for windows will be used to tint a skylight.

The depth of coverage that you prefer can be adjusted. To reduce the amount of light and heat that you are exposed to, a darker shade of tint should be applied to a skylight. This type of skylight will still allow a bit of natural light to filter through.

Technology That Some Models Use

An electric polarization process is used with some deluxe skylights. This process can determine fluctuations in temperature, sound, and pressure. At the first sign of moisture, for instance, a skylight panel will close. Skylights that contain advanced features will respond to external stimuli without the use of a handheld remote.

A handheld remote can be used when an end-user would like to make 'on demand' changes to the manner in which their skylight is set up. If a skylight contains a shade system, an end-user may decide that they would like to close it sooner than they initially planned on. A rechargeable remote can be used to control the setup of a skylight. This type of device will either be included with a skylight or sold separately.

For more information, reach out to a local company, such as Sky Light Source.


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