Types of Window Tints for Your Business

Posted on: 3 February 2022

Windows are an essential component of your commercial building as they facilitate proper ventilation and allow natural light to enter your building. Additionally, trendy window designs can increase your building's attractiveness. In this regard, you need to reinforce your windows with tint for increased longevity. However, the market offers many different tint options, and choosing the perfect tint may be challenging. If you're looking for the ideal window tinting, here are the different window tint types to consider.

Solar Tinting

When excess sunlight enters your office, this may prevent you from working effectively on your computer or device. For instance, the rays may cause a glare effect on your device's screen resulting in poor visibility. Also, the sun's heat rays can cause overheating of your business premises, causing discomfort. Therefore, you may need to run your air conditioner for longer, increasing energy bills.

Besides, the harsh ultraviolet rays can cause fading of your window upholstery and office furniture. Thus, you may need to replace your furnishings and upholstery sooner than you think, which is costly. Fortunately, solar tinting reflects away excess heat and light. This improves your building's energy efficiency.

Safety and Security Tinting

Glass is prone to breakage upon impact with hard objects. Therefore, burglars may try to break into your commercial building and steal your belongings. Safety window tinting holds the glass together, preventing the glass from shattering. Therefore, burglars can't quickly gain access to your building. Also, small pieces of glass may cause injuries like cuts. Window tint holds the pieces of broken glass, preventing them from spreading in your office. This ensures the safety of your employees.

Decorative Tinting

Decorative window tinting usually enhances the appearance of your building. The film comes in different designs allowing you to pick the perfect design for your building. The film can also offer minimum light control and privacy. For instance, you can install textured or fractured tinting that looks like glass. Additionally, colored tint can achieve decorative purposes. Window tinting services supply different tint colors, and you can choose one that matches your office color theme.

Anti-Graffiti Tinting

If your building's located in an area where graffiti is popular, you may need anti-graffiti window tinting. Graffiti entails writing or drawing on building surfaces, including windows using paint. Anti-graffiti tint protects your windows against permanent paint that may block sunlight. Also, the tint is scratch-resistant, preventing your windows from scratches.

The common types of window tinting include decorative, anti-graffiti, solar, and safety and security tinting. Consider these options when shopping for window tints for your business.


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