When To Replace Double-Hung Windows With Another Style

Posted on: 1 November 2022

Double-hung windows are incredibly common in the United States. Many homes have them throughout. They have a lot of benefits, including being affordable, easy to open, and compatible with window air conditioning units. However, there are times when double-hung windows are not the perfect choice. Here are some situations in which you might want to have a double-hung window replaced with a window of a different style.

You need excellent ventilation.

Double-hung windows offer a reasonable level of ventilation when they are open, but there are window styles that offer more. If you have a room that gets moist, humid, or warm, you may want a window that better ventilates that room. 

Casement windows swing open on hinges, which makes them good at catching cross-breezes and directing them into the home. They work well when you want a larger window that stretches from floor to ceiling. 

If you need a smaller window with good ventilation, consider an awning window. These small windows are usually used over counters, such as in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. The window is mounted on hinges over the top of the window opening, and it swings up like an awning. You can leave awning windows open even when it is raining. They do a good job of shielding the window opening and preventing rain from coming in.

You want a better view through the window.

Double-hung windows offer a decent view, but because they consist of two panels stacked on top of one another, they do have that middle sill that obstructs your view through the window.

If you have a beautiful landscape scene you'd like to be able to admire through your window, you may want to have that double-hung window replaced with a picture window. 

Picture windows are usually fixed windows, which means they do not open for ventilation. However, they do offer a clear, unobstructed view. People often imagine picture windows are really wide, expansive windows, but there are smaller ones you can have installed if your wall space is more limited.

Another option would be to replace your double-hung window with a casement window. Casement windows are typically about the same size as double-hung ones, but they lack the middle sill.

While double-hung windows are a good choice in many cases, they are not the only good window style. If you think a different window style would be better suited to your needs, let a vinyl window replacement contractor know.


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