Installing Skylights In Your Home To Provide More Light And Reduce Energy Costs

Posted on: 9 December 2022

Installing fixed skylights in your home can bring a lot of additional natural light into the house. There are many models on the market that can provide different features, and choosing the right ones for your home depends on what you want from the skylights. 

Fixed Skylights

Homeowners looking to let more natural lighting into their homes may want to consider fixed skylights in areas with direct access to the roof above. These skylights have fewer features than some and do not open once they are in place. However, they can allow a lot of natural light to come into your house from above, and if you add a diffuser panel to the skylight, the light will not reflect off surfaces or make it hard to see television screens or computers that are in the room.  

If the home has an attic between the roof and the inside ceiling, the contractor can use a special box to connect them and allow the light to reflect down to the inside panel and light the home. A fixed skylight can help lower the energy bill in your home because it can offset the need for light fixtures to be on during the daytime. 

Modern skylights also have multiple panes of glass in them and are energy efficient, much like the windows used in most homes. The skylights require an open sky above them to work correctly, so if there are a lot of shade trees around your home, selecting the position of the skylights is essential to ensure they are not in the shade during the day. 

Skylight Size

When considering fixed skylights for your home, you may want to talk to a contractor that installs them regularly. The skylight must fit between the roof joists or trusses so that you do not weaken the structure during the installation. Smaller skylights are very effective when used in groups, and the contractor may recommend some specific designs that they typically use. 

A round skylight tube can be an excellent addition to kitchens, bathrooms, or closets to provide additional light. If the contractor installs several skylights with diffuser panels, it can often provide enough light over food prep areas or dark spaces to feel like you have lights on. 

In areas where you want larger fixed skylights, using one that is tall and narrow helps it fits between the roof trusses and can make effective use of limited space. In a large open space, well-positioned skylights can add some light and make the roof feel much more open. 

Find a local skylight installer to work with, and they can help decide what to use in each space and properly install them to ensure that the only thing coming through them is light.

Contact a local skylight service to learn more about fixed skylights.


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