Your Home Has High Energy Bills Because You Need Replacement Windows

Posted on: 17 January 2023

As buildings have become more advanced, construction contractors have found new ways to make buildings more energy-efficient. An energy-efficient building reduces the amount of hot air that escapes during the winter and reduces the amount of cold air that escapes during the summer However, the windows of your home might be allowing air to escape and affecting your energy bills. This is especially true for old and defective windows. 

Why Windows Are So Inefficient

Because windows are made out of glass, they allow sunlight to enter a home. This is helpful during the winter but can cause your home to become warmer during the summer if you do not use window treatments. 

Windows also are prone to leaking over time as they wear out. As a result, you may experience a cold draft when you are nearby a window. The leaking air results from the frame sagging and creating a gap that allows air to escape.

Your Outdated Windows Might Be Costing You Money

If your windows have not been replaced in a while, they might be considered outdated. Your windows will not have been constructed with the latest in window tech. A double or triple-pane window will be able to increase the efficiency of your home as much as possible. However, to maximize the benefits of your new windows, you'll need to know what to look for.

Vinyl Windows Are More Efficient

You can improve the efficiency of your home substantially if you choose the right materials. In the past, it was common for homes to use wood frames. However, vinyl is now considered to be a more durable and energy-efficient material. It is very low-maintenance and also has insulative properties. It's also possible to add more insulation to a vinyl window to improve its performance. This is most effective when combined with other window features.

Adding Energy-Efficient Features to Your Windows Will Cut Energy Bills

One feature that can substantially increase the energy efficiency of your home is argon gas. The gas is placed in-between two or three panes of glass and has the ability to slow down the transfer of heat because argon gas moves more slowly than air.

Other features you should consider having added to your replacement windows include extra window panes and low-E coatings. A low-E coating is a microscopic layer of glass that reflects sunlight and keeps your home cool. A window replacement contractor will go over all the available options.

Contact a local window service, such as Fischer Window and Door Store, to learn more. 


Choosing Great Looking Windows

After I fixed up my yard, I realized that my home itself could use some curb appeal. I decided that one of the biggest eyesores on my home other than the porch with the flaking paint was the windows, so I started shopping for replacements. I was able to find a great deal at a local window shop, and to my surprise, they had a large variety of windows available. It was incredible to find windows that were as functional as they were beautiful, and when they were installed I was really pleased with the outcome. This blog is all about choosing great looking windows.