What To Look For When Shopping For Energy-Saving Windows

Posted on: 1 May 2023

It's important to think about energy savings when you're getting new windows. New windows last a long time, and they'll impact your energy bills for years. There are two important aspects of energy-saving windows: the frame and the glass. Each has a big impact on controlling the climate in your home. Here's what to look for when comparing energy-saving windows.

The Frames

The materials that frames are made from matter. Aluminum windows aren't very energy efficient. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl have the most natural insulating ability. Vinyl costs less, and these are popular windows, so they might be a good choice for your home. Also, vinyl and fiberglass frames can have foam insulation added to the insides of the frames to improve insulation.

Besides the material, construction quality matters as well as installation expertise. Your window dealer might help you choose a manufacturer that's known for making quality energy-saving windows.

Also, you can look at the ratings on the windows to find windows with a low air leakage number. The air leakage rating lets you know how drafty the windows might be as a guide to construction quality.

The Glass

Triple-pane glass is the most energy efficient. However, they're also the most expensive option. Single-pane windows are the budget option, but they won't save as much energy as multiple-pane windows.

Unless you live where weather temperatures are extreme, double-pane windows could be a good choice for your home since they're more affordable than triple-pane windows and more efficient than windows with a single pane of glass.

Glass coatings also matter since a coating reflects the sun to limit solar heating. A coating can also block heat transfer so heat can't leak out in the winter. Window ratings to look for are the U-factor and the solar heat gain coefficient numbers. These ratings let you know how well the glass keeps heat from escaping and entering through the glass.

You may not need the ultimate energy-saving windows. For instance, fiberglass windows with triple panes are a good choice when it comes to energy efficiency, but vinyl windows with double panes could be the right choice for your area, your home, and your wallet. Spend time with a window dealer so you can compare different brands and types of windows.

A careful decision now could make a difference in your monthly power bill for a long time to come. Talk to a professional to get advice if you need it. Even though cost is an important decision, you may not want to buy the cheapest option if it causes you to lose out on energy savings over the coming years.


Choosing Great Looking Windows

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